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Tryouts FAQ

Q: Are tryouts open to Parents?
A: Yes, you may attend tryouts as a spectator. 

Q: What do I need to bring to tryouts? 
A: Medical and concussion forms. USAV Membership Card. 

Q: How should I dress for tryouts?
A: Wear volleyball appropriate attire. Spandex, T-Shirt, Knee Pads, VB Shoes or court shoes. 

Q: I signed a commitment form with another club during their tryouts. Can I tryout or join your club?
A: NO. You are under contract and have committed to playing for that club. Some clubs try to pressure you into signing on the first day to keep you from trying out later that day or the next with another club. A club should never pressure you into signing a commitment form. 

Q: I am a high school student. Can I attend a tryout that a coach from my high school is conducting? 
A: No. Neither you or the coach can be at a club tryout. The OSAA has a rule against coaches from the high school conducting tryouts if a student from their high school is present. 

Q: I paid the USA Volleyball Tryout Registration fee of $10. What do I need to do when a player makes a team? 

A: Once a player and parent sign commitment letter to a club, you will need to upgrade your USA Volleyball membership. For more information and instructions go to CEVA’s Membership Upgrade Page.  Also note the ‘Club Selection’ section to make certain you chose the correct club when registering.

Q: What tips do you have for someone trying out?
A: There too many tips to list here. We found a site that has very useful tips. There are videos and other sites you can learn from. 

Q: Can a boy play on a girls team? 

A: Short answer is Yes. CEVA has rules regarding age requirements for boys. Please contact Leilani at for more information.