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2020 Woks Up Beach Volleyball Update

By Trailsend VBC, 05/14/20, 5:45PM PDT


Woks Up Beach Volleyball Update

Beach Volleyballers,

Hope all is well. Thank you all for being patient during this time. Information seems to change the minute it comes out so I really wanted to make sure there was some certainty with my next updated email. 

Beach practices will start on Monday, May 25th 6-8pm. After listening to the governor, even though there is no detailed guidelines for outdoor sports, number of people seem to be a main concern. Thank you again for all who have registered. Registered participants will get first dibs on practices. Walk-ins will NOT be welcome as I need to make sure all players are documented and correct information is taken from participants and this needs to start online. Please come at least 15min before practice begins so I can get correct check in info.  

Practices may vary time wise depending on number of players and how quickly we separate skill levels through the first couple weeks. Tournaments have been slightly adjusted through the season as well and are subject to change and possibly go through August depending on fall sports schedule. We will try and keep everything updated online, calendar, and Facebook for any changes. 

Beach Court facility has four courts so spacing between players can be managed as well as a sanitizing station will be available for everyone. If players would like to wear a mask they are more than welcome but it won’t be required. Please email me or text me with any questions you may have.

Please take care and do what you all feel is best for your families. If some of you would like to start practicing later during the summer for safety concerns this will be permitted as well. I just ask that you register online before coming. 

Talk Soon,



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